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200 DEAF BOYS #2


In the triple-sized second issue of 200 DEAF BOYS, the mystery of the Bobby Curnow Darkness deepens while the fate of all life on earth hangs in the balance.

In the year 1974, Pope Benedict's monstrous doings at St. John's School for the Deaf take a turn for the worse, threatening the lives of children and the sanity of their protector. The key to saving both lies with a single boy - but can he triumph in the face of apocalypse? And in the year 467, father and son are forced to kill or die along the path between salvation and damnation, as Lancelot and Galahad continue the Quest for the Holy Grail, where all but one are doomed. Both stories intertwine to paint a picture of a world where Evil's final victory is at hand, with only the meekest and most innocent to stand against it in the final hour.

200 DEAF BOYS #2 reveals a spirit world filled with transcendent bliss and gut-wrenching horror, bruising violence and serene beauty. Painstakingly written and gorgeously illustrated, here is a comic to give you some religion!

$6.66 | 72 pages | Black and white with color covers | Part 2 of 4| 8.5" x 5.5"

Preview: http://bit.ly/1nWjii8