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200 DEAF BOYS #3


In this triple-sized third issue of 200 DEAF BOYS, secrets are revealed as the apocalypse grows nearer by the hour. In 472 AD, Sir Galahad learns how his quest for the Holy Grail might succeed - but what sacrifices will he be forced to make? And in 1974 AD, with the end of the world less than 24 hours away, Nicholas learns where his classmates are disappearing to, as Father Murphy's sanity hangs in the balance. Filled with action, suspense, and the high heights and low depths of human behavior, 200 DEAF BOYS is a religious parable made for the beautiful and terrifying world we live in today.

$6.66 | 64 pages | Black and white with color covers | Part 3 of 4 | 8.5"x5.5"