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From 2010 to 2012, Matt Seneca's comics blog "Death to the Universe" served up a wealth of essential writing on the world's greatest art form. Now, this beautifully designed compendium brings 10 of DTTU's most memorable articles back into print! Bouncing from incisive analysis to historical digging to reverent appreciation to agitprop screeds, here is a magazine about comics that sees clearly into the beauty of the medium, while taking vicious aim at the injustices that have dogged it from its birth. With writing on undisputed masters of sequential art like Moebius, Quitely, and Ditko, as well as the overlooked genius of cartoonists like Guido Crepax, Roy Crane, and Rob Liefeld, this is a book that communicates the pure joy of comics while mining unexpected riches from its depths.

52 pages | color illustrations | 8.5"x7"