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In 1964, cult filmmaker Roger Corman made his masterpiece, the stylishly Satanic costume drama "The Masque of the Red Death". With a cast and crew only the blackest witchery could assemble (it's tough to imagine Vincent Price, Nicolas Roeg, and Paul McCartney on the same soundstage again), Corman pulled a diamond from the rough -- a schlock horror flick that somehow stands shoulder to shoulder with film's great masterpieces. No other movie wears the influence of Kenneth Anger or "The Seventh Seal" so comfortably, and "Eyes Wide Shut" certainly never would have been made had "Red Death" not paved the way.

Now, celebrate this great work (or just pretty up your walls!) with a beautiful movie-poster print commemorating a true cult classic. Sumptuously printed on 110-pound semigloss stock and suitable for framing at 18"x23", this indelible Matt Seneca image oozes with both Technicolor psychedelia and a stark air of foreboding - just like the great film itself.

18"x23" | Full color print on high quality paper | Limited hand-cut, signed, and numbered edition of 6 | $20