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THE USA, 2006: Football is the most popular and profitable form of entertainment the nation has ever seen. But before basking in pro ball's glory, players, many of whom rise from crushing poverty, must live out a term of unpaid service in the college game. Overseen by the powerful and punitive NCAA, college football is a brutal battleground on which young men wager physical and mental health against talent and a sliver of a chance at future riches. Meanwhile, the sale and manufacture of illegal drugs, known as "trapping", provides a quick path to a better life for the poor boy brave enough to take it....

Calvin Johnson
Matthew Stafford
Young Jeezy
Young Buck
Johnny Manziel
Big Quis
and introducing Chris Ware

$5.00 | 28 pages | Black, white, and Honolulu blue with color covers | 8.5"x11"